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Reach new B2B customers via their website contact forms

About PindropAds: B2B Lead Search

Mass Marketing : Reach thousands of potential U.S based B2B buyers by automatically mass messaging them via their website contact forms .

Identify New Clients : Find hard to reach business owners with just a few clicks. Our app harvests the internet to find your target businesses by area around USA.

Inexpensive Lead Generation : Unlike expensive social media our software makes it extremely cost effective to reach a large volume of prospects in USA via their website


About B2B Customer Finder

Almost every business has a website and almost every website has a Contact Us page. Sending your message via a website's Contact Us page ensures that it gets to a business owner or important staff member instantly. That's exactly what our app automates so that you can reach thousands of new B2B customers and mass market your products and services to them.

Here's what you can do with B2B Customer Finder

  • You can use our business search feature to find new target businesses across USA. For example you can find potential customers in common categories like electricians, real estate agencies, furniture stores, hair salons and more.

  • Once you have short listed your potential customers, specify a message, offer or promo within our app and we will send it automatically to your target businesses by filling out their website's Contact Us form on your behalf.

  • You will be able to see every business that was contacted with screen shot proof of the Contact Us page that was filled out on your behalf.

  • Since we fill out your contact information on your target's Contact Us page, all confirmation messages sent by their website contact form will come directly to your email.

  • You can find new Distributors, Resellers, Affiliates for your products by using our app.

  • You can create followups and follow through drip campaigns quickly within our app that saves you hundreds of hours of work.

  • You can even upload your own list of target websites and our app will send your message through these websites on your behalf.

  • Our app is able to solve Captcha and submit your information with a high level of accuracy to most websites hence ensuring that your message gets to the right decision makers quickly.

How does it work ?

When a website visitor fills a website contact form and submits it, the message is sent to the business owner or key staff member. This is an easy way to get in touch with a business to educate them about your offer, service, coupon or promo that they can benefit from. The hard part is that it is tedious work to fill hundreds of these and that’s what our software automates. All you have to do is

  1. Search for target businesses on our map tool or upload your own list with a website column.
  2. Specify your promo or message you want sent to these target businesses.
  3. Finalize and Submit your message and within 24 to 48 hours your messages are delivered to your target businesses

We also provide proof of delivery where ever possible via screenshots as well as provide business name, address, phone and email for your recipients.

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August 11, 2022
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