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See where your orders are going and pinpoint revenue hot spots


Become an ad targeting genius with geo-insights from Map My Orders!

In a busy online store, orders come in from everywhere. And having insights into what areas generate many orders and what areas are opportunities for you to expand into is huge for growing your store. Make smarter, location-targeted decisions for your store with geo-insights from Map My Orders. Map My Orders gives you insights into:

  • What parts of the world your orders are coming in from
  • Areas where there is no/low order volume
  • The top 50 highest revenue postal codes
  • States/Provinces where your revenue is the highest
  • Postal code details - number of orders, average order, total revenue, and more
  • Custom date filtering of orders
  • New orders from your store added daily

All these details allow you to understand your customers, make smarter marketing decisions, target your ads to certain areas, and much more.

Recently added features:

  • Began adding population and demographic data to location details
  • NEW location details that show Shopify orders and will soon show demographic data
  • Reformatted map pin bubble and added average orders per week insight
  • View order summaries by State/Province in addition to postal codes
  • Expansion from top 10 to top 50 postal codes
  • 3x performance improvement on searching
  • Custom date range filtering

Map My Orders does not collect any personally identifiable information on your store's customers. We only collect anonymous order details to provide you with the insights offered.

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April 30, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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