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About MagicPost

Save Hours Blogging : No more re-formatting headers, bullets, or anything else when pasting in your Google Docs.

Simplify Image Uploads. : Stop manually uploading images to blog posts by having them automatically imported and formatted.

Improve Blog SEO. : Ensure your headers and post structure are properly laid out to improve your search rankings.


MagicPost saves you hours every month by simplifying publishing your blog posts on Shopify.

All you need is the Google Docs URL for the post you want to publish, and with one click, your post is imported straight to your Shopify blog!

No more uploading images separately.

No more formatting headers.

No more fixing text formatting.

No more wasting hours every month formatting the blog posts you already formatted in Google Docs.

Just paste the URL, click Upload, and ta-da! You have a beautiful blog post in your Shopify store ready to be published.

How Does it Work?

MagicPost works by copying over and cleaning up all the formatting you did in Google Docs to write a post, and matching it to the Shopify CMS.

All you have to do is write your blog post in Google Docs with all the Headers, Images, Bold text, and other formatting you want, and then that formatting will be perfectly transferred over to Shopify.

All you do is paste in the URL for the Google Doc you want to turn into a post. And BAM, it’s alive.

How Easy is It?

You could have uploaded a few blog posts in the time it took you to read this description, yes really.

You don’t even need to leave Shopify or make an account somewhere else. It all lives right in your Shopify store.

Wait seriously? No more fixing formatting? No more uploading images?

Yes seriously, what are you waiting for!?

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October 12, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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