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About Product Badges & Labels Pro

Automatically add badges : Effortlessly add various aesthetic badges to products: On Sale, Out of Stock & New Arrival. A product badge sells like a thousand words.

Capture visitor's interest : High-quality animated badges make visitors have an instant crush on your products. Visitors will naturally turn into customers in no time.

We sincerely Care & Support : Your success is our goal. We're always ready to listen to any questions, solve your problems and help break all barriers to your growth.


Exciting a visitor's attention pays the way for sales growth. You can nail it by using our Magic Badges.

Product badges are like “virtual stickers” placed on online products to draw attention to important details. If you haven't considered product badging for your website yet, there are many advantages to doing so, the most obvious of which is an acceleration in conversions. Product badging helps:

  1. Make it simpler for customers to find what they're looking for
  2. Assist customers in making faster purchase decisions
  3. Educate your website visitors effectively and innovatively

What to expect from our Magic Badges

Automatically categorize the list of products

Your On Sale, Out of Stock & New Arrival products will stand out on pages. Thus, visitors can browse their go-to products with ease and comfort: On Sale for shoppers having a tight budget. They will immediately buy the products before the deals run out. No one on Earth wants to miss bargains. Out of Stock for shoppers demanding social proof. People love this product so much that it is sold out. Next time, shoppers will return and buy it before it’s gone. New Arrival for shoppers keeping up with the Joneses. Classy shoppers always desire to possess up-to-the-minute products. Fear of missing out and lagging behind would spur shoppers to make a purchase. Our badge inventory includes hundreds of appealing labels, icons, and texts. With just a few clicks away, you can effortlessly add a badge to product pictures of the same type. You can either do it manually by yourself or hand it over to us. Our app helps you auto-update labor-saving product badges.

Inspire you to be creative

In case you want to create a new masterpiece, we can do so of your own accord. In our advance setting, you are empowered to modify the badge’s template, text, color, size, animation as well as placement. Plus, you can also target a badge on a specific product when you wish to increase its demand.

Provide a user-friendly interface

You can get quick access to our Magic Badges’ features. Everything you need to design your badges is clearly shown.on the wizard with a live preview. Our app is a good substitute for such complicated photo & design software as Photoshop since it’s developed in layman’s terms. Our Magic Badges app offers a wide range of impressive badge templates for you to choose from. Just follow some simple steps, you’ll get on the path to the success of designing attractive badges.

Prioritize Minimalism

We display only one badge per product. It’s advisable not bombarding visitors with more than one badge per product. This can defeat the aim of drawing attention to particular products. Less is More.

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November 16, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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