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Customer made discounts closed by your price. Instantly.

About Lury: Make an Offer

Increase conversion rates : Increase engagement and conversion by offering visitors a chance to make their offer, instead of losing them for price.

Automated response : Customers get response to their offer automatically within seconds based on the discount price you set.

Abandonment Protector : Exit-intent make offer popup to invite the visitor to make their offer before leaving the store.


What is Lury app

It lets your customers negotiate on your store, with the unrevealed minimum acceptable price you set.

Why should you let customers negotiate

Pricing is a highly influential factor in making a purchasing decision online. Your price is the top reason most customers exit the store. What's a more effective way than inviting them to name their price and create a personalized discount offer? A well proven method offline, yet highly underused online.

How it works

You will set the Accept Price for products & collections you want to have the Name Your Price feature. The app then adds a Name Your Price button on the product page so customers can start negotiating with you.


If the customer makes an offer that is higher than your Accept Price, then the offer will be accepted. If the customer's offer is meaningfully below your Accept Price, then the offer will be countered with your Accept Price. Customers can buy with these offers instantly. No communications back and forth nor waiting for hours to close an offer.


  • Instantly closes the customer offer based on the price you set.
  • Customers can make offers for multiple products and check them out all at once.
  • You can set Accept Price enabling negotiation for individual products or collections.
  • Add Name Your Price Popup as exit intent to entice those price-sensitive customers.
  • Customize the popup to your store style.
  • One-click install, no coding required.
  • Support for multiple languages.

Why Lury

Make an Offer strategy is proven to increase sales & comes with a ton of benefits over flat discounted pricing.

  • When you give everyone a 25% discount, you may be throwing away money because some of those buyers would have happily purchased with just a 10% discount. Lury increases the order value by closing the offers from customers having a better price in mind.
  • The majority of shoppers are price sensitive and will exit your store soon after looking at your fixed discount price. Negotiation grabs attention for their chance of a better price - increasing customer engagement & giving you valuable insights into the price range they are willing to pay.
  • A customer that has closed an offer with you once will eventually want to come back to your store for their next purchase to check for a better offer again - increasing customer retention and sales!
  • Shoppers are increasingly becoming familiar with discount techniques found online. Your store differentiates from the crowd by giving the pricing power to them, instead of a fixed price found all over the internet.

Level up your store sales, retention, and margins with Lury!

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July 26, 2021
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