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About Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay

Increase your sales : Watch a visitor navigate your site to see what’s stopping them from buying. See where people clicked, scrolled and tapped on your site.

Learn more about your visitors : See which parts of pages drive conversions & which get ignored with Heatmaps. Learn if people are scrolling far enough to see your CTAs.

Convert abandoned carts : Using live chat & viewing visitors in real-time lets you see what’s happening on your site so you can save a sale before losing it.

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Website analytics don’t have to be hard. If you want a tool that’s as powerful as Google Analytics yet simple to use, look no further than Shopify Plus certified app, Lucky Orange. With a 1 click install you can increase your online sales today. Websites across the world have trusted us to prevent shopping cart abandonment & increase conversion rates on Shopify stores.

Whether you're a seasoned merchant or just getting started, we can help you better understand your visitors so you can gain more sales. Understanding visitor behavior on your store is vital; it’s one of the best ways to increase your sales.

Session Recordings and Heatmaps allow you to see where people clicked, scrolled & tapped on your website. You can drill down into a single person’s journey with session replays or you can see what traffic from a specific source, like Facebook engages with the most by reviewing heat maps.

The powerful combination of Live Chat & a live view of your visitors can prevent abandoned carts. If you see someone struggling in real time, you can use Live Chat (because who wants to “talk” to a chatbot) to see if you can help them find what they need or answer questions. Announcements allow you to create a pop up highlighting an upsell opportunity, offer a discount or ask for a product review.

Whether you are focused on B2B or D2C, we all want to know more about our customers. Through Surveys you can ask about their preferences, experiences or new inventory ideas. Use time-based triggers to engage shoppers at the right time with surveys.

As vital as it is to see what’s working on your store, it’s also beyond important to understand what isn’t working. Conversion Funnels let you quickly see which pages are converting and which are causing visitors to abandon your site. Form Analytics monitors key form metrics like abandonment, field order and time to start to find areas to reduce bounce rate on these forms.

We also know you have a long to-do list (e.g. streamlining email marketing campaigns and making landing pages) so you don’t have time to waste logging into different apps to see how your store is performing. Our real-time, customizable dashboards allow you to quickly surface meaningful analytics such as your busiest time of day, sources that drive the most traffic or how your conversion funnels are performing. Couple that with our powerful segmentation and filtering capabilities that allow you to quickly surface key insights like rage clicks, you’ll be uncovering conversion-boosting insights in no time.

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