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About Lootly Loyalty & Referrals

Full Brand Customization : With Lootly, you can customize every aspect of your program including: text, colors, fonts, images and more in just a few clicks.

Launch in 2 minutes : Looking for an intuitive and easy to use loyalty solution with tons of features? Lootly helps you to launch your own program in just 2 mins.

Unlimited Growth : Feel confident growing your business without paying more for a loyalty solution. Lootly includes Unlimited orders & customers on all plans.

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Lootly makes it easy to launch your own Loyalty and Referral marketing program in just a few minutes.

Customize every aspect of your program including colors, text, images and actions. Encourage customers to share your brand across Social Media, SMS, WhatsApp and FB Messenger in 1-click.

With U.S. based support, Lootly is trusted by over 3,000 global brands across dozens of industries.

Unlimited Orders & Customers

Unlike most loyalty programs that charge you based on order volume or number of customers. Lootly is Unlimited on ALL Plans. This means, whether you’re doing 100 orders a month or 100,000 orders a month you’re never charged a penny more.

Encourage Customers to Interact with your brand

You can award loyalty points for thousands of different actions. Here are a few popular ones that our customers love:

  • Make a Purchase
  • Create an Account
  • Celebrate a Birthday
  • Write a Product Review, upload a photo or video
  • Social Share: Like, Follow or Subscribe (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)
  • Goal Spend (Spend $X, Get Y points)
  • Goal Orders (Make X orders, Get Y points)
  • Code Redemption
  • Promotional Bonus Campaigns: Run double point campaigns for sales and holidays
  • Create your own customized actions with our Zapier integration

Features to Grow Revenue & Retention

Our paid plans include:

  • Referral Program
  • VIP Program
  • Integrations
  • Earning Limits
  • Nudges (pop ups)
  • Points Expiration
  • Customer Segments
  • SMS Sharing
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
  • UTM Blacklist
  • Custom Sender Domain
  • Promo Point Campaigns
  • And much more!

Powerful Integrations in 1-click

Supercharge your experience with: Email Marketing, Social Platforms, Product Review & UGC, in addition to an feature-rich API for custom integrations.

Why choose Lootly for your Loyalty & Referral program?

Our mission is to make loyalty & referral marketing simpler and more automated.

User experience is our north star: our primary focus is to make powerful but simple software that your customers will actually use. Our clean, intuitive user interfaces result in more customer engagement than other loyalty platforms that typically bloat the user with confusing options and overly complex usability.

Lootly Demo

Visit our website today to schedule a demo with one of our Loyalty Experts to learn more about Lootly.

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March 07, 2019
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