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Creates your campaigns : You pick your best product, we create campaigns and ads in Facebook for you – much faster than doing it yourself!

Steers your advertising : Budgets are permanently optimized according to your ad performance, so that your money is never wasted.

Free trial : Try it for 7 days. Need help getting started? The app comes with free chat & email support.


What is Looga?

Looga automates your Facebook advertising! Looga is your entry ticket to the world of Facebook Advertisting. Looga creates campaigns, adsets, ads and creatives in Facebook for you - all the things that are time consuming when doing it on your own. Looga uses advanced data science techniques to automatically predict a lifetime value for each of your customers. This data is used to find new customers, who are similar to your best customers, and use them as the target audience for new campaigns!

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness or conversion, create custom audiences of your existing customers or lookalike audiences - we’ve got you covered!

Increase Brand Awareness

Creating awareness for your brand is always the first step in selling products online. Build trust and get in the mind of your potential customers. Looga creates brand awareness campaigns in Facebook for you automatically.

Increase Conversions

Conversions don't come easy. It's hard to turn a visitor into a customer. You did all your homework by creating attracting product pages and images, optimizing the checkout process and providing the best customer support. But you need to get people on your product pages to leverage all of your effort. In Looga you can simply pick the product you want to promote and Looga creates a conversion campaign with an adset, ad and creative in Facebook for you. This way you can create more campaigns than you could manually.

Ad Automation

Check your Facebook advertising performance manually is very time consuming. You need to find out which KPIs are relevant in the current stage of your campaigns and think of which actions to take, preferably on a daily basis. Looga does it automatically and more frequently than you could manually. The Looga algorithm uses artifical intelligence to constantly evaluate what kind of ads work best across all our customers and applies the insights to the management of your ads.

Increase Traffic

If you would like to run your own traffic campaigns and need to reach the right people, then you can benefit from high click-through rates and a low cost per click by targeting Looga's Lookalike Audiences. When you build a new Lookalike Audience with Looga, we make sure that Facebook optimizes for the characteristics of your best customers, giving you a fresh list of potential buyers! We offer Lookalike Audiences in any country, making Looga a perfect companion with which to expand into new countries and markets.


We recommend to plan for at least USD $500 per month for effective ads. Our app will already start to work with a budget of USD $100 per month.

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