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Increase bottom line revenue : Improved customer retention can increase your bottom line profits. It's (way) cheaper to retain than to acquire.

Easily segment by loyalty : Start measuring customer loyalty and segment them in groups. Target each group, find out their needs and help them love your brand.

Retain your customers : Create journeys for each customer and see the results. The larger the brand, the more investment there is in retention.

Retention and Loyalty analytics tool for your brand.

Measure and act on your brand's retention metrics, lifetime value, and loyalty segments (RFM) with the only specialized repurchase analytics.

Customers see more brands and ads every day. Show up for the right ones with Lomger, with our tools:

  • Realtime Recency, Frequency, and Monetization segments to target your customers for each lifecycle

  • Lifetime Value calculations to measure the results of your retention efforts. With the percentage view, you can also benchmark against industries' results to grow your store

  • Product Journeys data so you can offer the right products for customer's repurchases

  • Sync segments to Shopify tags to automate your retention communication

  • Insights into your customer base, so you can build a journey specific for every segment

  • Dashboard with the most important KPIs to keep track of to build a stronger brand.

With this data, you will be able to build beautiful journeys and get better long-term growth with higher ROI.

Cohort Retention Analysis

Each customer has a unique journey with your brand. One of the best ways to target them is by the time they have bought from you.

With this journey data, you can learn how much value your users generate over time.

LTV is a piece of critical information for modern brands.

Increase LTV with RFM Analysis

Learning about the value brought by customers is not enough, brands must act on it.

The best way to bring your customers back is to target them by recency, frequency, and monetary value.

With RFM analysis you can build communication automation for each of the segments to grow LTV.

Detailed Insights

To target each segment, you must craft unique communications for them.

We provide insights into their lifecycle, product preferences, and much more.

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April 18, 2022
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