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About Good Logo Lists

Easy to Use : Our app user interface is designed so you can quickly get up and running with no development knowledge.

Fast : Get a list of brands added to your store in just minutes.

Customizable : You have complete control over settings and can personalize your logo list to your heart's content.


Good Logo Lists by GoodApps is an app that allows you to display a list of logos representing brands you sell in your store.

Logo lists can easily be created using a drag and drop interface and added to any page in your store. Further, logo lists can be displayed in a single row, auto scrolling carousel or a nice grid layout. You can create links for each logo as well as adjust various settings to personalize your logo list.

Types of Logo Lists

  • Logo carousel - a single row slider with optional automatic scroll that displays logos
  • Logo grid - a traditional grid layout that is similar to how images are laid out on Instagram


  • Mobile responsive
  • Link images to logos
  • Full control over SEO tags


Our app is fully supported and we offer installation help. Don't hesitate to contact us to get started!

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August 16, 2019

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