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Block users from specific countries, continents, or ip address

About Location Blocker Plus

Block Countries, Continents : Prevent fraudulent visitors from accessing your store and make your store accessible just in countries where you want to do business.

No Coding Required : The app does not require any theme code to be edited. It will begin operating immediately after installation. The app works with all themes.

Redirect blocked users easily : If you do not wish to display your business in the restricted countries, you may redirect undesirable vistors to other websites.

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Reduce fraudulent orders and chargeback disputes by restricting visitors from specific countries and prohibiting them from accessing your website!

Block by Country, Continent

After installation, the application restricts users from the countries or continents you specify from accessing and using your store.

Block IP Addresses

Is a recognised IP address attacking or harassing you? Put an end to this by putting their IP address on the app's blacklist and preventing them from accessing the app entirely and instantly.

Redirect to a known URL

If you want to redirect the blocked user to a particular website then you can do so just by entering the redirect URL in the app's dashboard.

One-click installation

To install and activate the Location Blocker Plus in your store, no technical experience is necessary. It will begin operating immediately after installation.

White List IP Addresses

You can add a whitelist of IP addresses too. If you want to allow access to a particular user in a blocked country then you can do so by adding their IP address to the app's dashboard.

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February 01, 2022
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Top features

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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