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Increase ambassador loyalty long-term with recurring payouts

About LLAMA Affiliate Network

Long Term Value Model : Increase customer loyalty long-term through recurring referrals from relevant ambassadors.

Discover Quality Ambassadors : Find quality ambassadors that are well-aligned with your brand using our advanced ambassador search filters.

Real-Time Tracking & Reporting : Llama automatically tracks your ambassador orders with real-time with powerful enterprise reporting and analytics.


LLAMA: We Unify Shopify Merchants and Brand Ambassadors though LTV

What’s Wrong with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has always been a popular way to drive sales and generate a ton of revenue, but the industry has changed and is quickly outgrowing the one-and-done, flat fee model. Merchants don’t want to spend massive amounts of time and money upfront with little to no guarantee of results.


LLAMA is more than just your average affiliate marketing platform. Our unique Long Term Value (LTV) model unifies the goals of both merchants and ambassadors by continually rewarding ambassadors for referring customers who are most likely to make repeat purchases. This means your customer loyalty and revenue increases AND ambassadors can earn more from their referrals. The best part: YOU control how long your ambassadors can earn from new customers and how long they have to wait before earning from your existing customers (in case they happen to refer some of those).

1. Automatic Ambassador Program

Easily create a custom ambassador program that best suits the needs of your store.

2. Find & Manage Quality Brand Ambassadors

Choose from our large network of diverse ambassadors to find the ones that best fit your brand or import your own.

3. Track Results

Track your ambassador program’s performance with real-time reporting and analytics.


  • Quick Shopify integration. Connect your store with just one click.
  • Simple onboarding allows you to setup your LLAMA Merchant Profile in minutes.
  • Create completely customizable ambassador programs with ease. Pick your products, adjust commissions for initial and recurring purchases separately, and define your target audience.
  • Find the most relevant ambassadors with our advanced search filters.
  • View an ambassador’s social media audience demographic, stats, and earning potential from their LLAMA profile.
  • Ambassadors can use advanced search settings to find your program based on your target audience.
  • Import your current ambassadors from other Shopify affiliates apps directly into LLAMA. We’ll guide you step-by-step.
  • No ambassador caps or limits. Infinitely scale your brand.
  • Long Term Value (LTV) commission model encourages relevant ambassadors to continually and effectively promote your brand and increase loyalty.
  • Powerful enterprise reporting and real-time tracking lets you track orders by ambassador links, coupons, or products.
  • Invite ambassadors to your program with a custom branded signup form.
  • Process ambassador payments effortlessly with seamless PayPal integration
  • Constant Technical Support available via online chat.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, giving you improved security and management over your personal data.
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August 10, 2020
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