Shopify App : Limit Order Amount Collection

Min Max Order Amount by Order, Collection, Customer Tags

About Limit Order Amount Collection

Limit Amount by Collection : Configure a minimum and maximum amount by collection for customer to help shop owner executing his sales strategy effectively.

Min/Max by Order or Customer : Configure minimum and maximum amount by each customer tag easily. Or basically an Order for each customer.

Easy to Use : The app is easy to understand and configure per request. Each configurations has small note and explain in user guide.


Do you want to restrict customers on how much or how little they purchase, in order to optimal packaging, shipping fee, or simply sales strategies? At e-commerce, specified resellers, wholesalers or b2b websites, shop owners could encounter low profits due to low amounts of orders, W2Commerce has built Limit Order Amount by Collection to help store owners to set minimum and maximum amounts of each order by collections and customer tags. This helps the store owner to increase sales or achieve sales targets. Besides, the shop owners also could choose the minimum and maximum order amount that buyers are allowed to purchase. The store owners are able to set unlimited rules for each customer tag and collection without any rule restrictions. All the configurations are on one page only, which helps you easily to set up the app at the most convenient.


  • Minimum and Maximum amount by collection at cart page.
  • Minimum and Maximum amount by customer tags at cart page.
  • For products belonging to multiple categories, the condition to be able to checkout must match the limit rules for all the categories.
  • Restriction could work with Buy Now button
  • Unlimited Rules.
  • An useful app for resellers, wholesalers and B2B e-commerce website.
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Launch date
August 30, 2021

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