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Automate the verification and installation steps!

About Liffery

Automatic verificatoin : Your data from Liffery is valuable and should only be seen by you not your competitors: Verification is handled automatically with this app.

Automatic Liffery Sidebar : The Liffery Sidebar is 1 of your important tools in the Liffery for Business account. Installation is automatically managed with this app.

Effortless extend your reach : Liffery is everyone's everyday research platform. Integrating it into your site helps ensure your shop is part of their conversion.


How is the Liffery App helpful to you?

The "Liffery App" for Shopify accompanies a "Liffery for Business" account.

There are 2 reasons this app is a must for your Shopify shop:

  1. Automatic Site Verification: A Liffery for Business account gives you deep data insights, customer dialogue and competitor analysis at the click of button. However, as you can imagine this data is very valuable to your store, so to protect this data from anyone else viewing it, we must 1st verify you control the URL you provide. This verification process is handled automatically by this Liffery App. After a Liffery for Business account is setup complete with a URL, this Liffery App installed on your shop will automatically talk to the Liffery servers to verify you control the provided URL which in turn will allow you to see its' data.

  2. Automatic Liffery Sidebar: Alongside the data from the Liffery platform is a powerful tool called the "Liffery Sidebar". See the screenshots of this app to see the Liffery Sidebar in action, or head over to Liffery's merchandise shop via the demo URL.

What is the Liffery Sidebar?

The Liffery Sidebar can be thought of as a traditional wish-list but with the full weight of the whole Liffery platform behind it. Anything added to a the Liffery Sidebar from your site is organically recommended to that persons connections on the platform.

The Liffery Sidebar is installed as part of the installation process from this app and you can see a demo by checking out the Liffery shop in the Demo URL.

What is the cost?

The Liffery App for Shopify is completely free but only operates with a Liffery for Business account, which at the moment is completely free for the 1st year.

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February 14, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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