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About AR & 3D Product Viewer

Exact-to-scale 3D/AR Models : Your Digital Product assortment created with levAR can be used to supplement or replace existing product photography.

1-Click Shopify AR Integration : levAR offers an easy integration with your Shopify store and marketing channels. No changes to your store’s look or performance.

Works Anywhere : Whether it's Mobile, Desktop or Social Apps - levAR's 3D Viewer & AR works wherever your customers are - on all major platforms.

Klaviyo Attentive

levAR helps retail businesses of all sizes create and leverage exact-to-scale, high resolution 3D and AR versions of their products. We know that immersive AR and 3D commerce works to convert shoppers to customers and customers to brand advocates. Here's how:

  • 71% of shoppers would visit an online store more often if it offered AR
  • Reduce Returns by up to 40% by increasing buyer confidence
  • Customers spend 2x-5x more time on your product page

What you get

When you start with levAR, you get access to the levAR dashboard where you can request 3D/AR models of your products that can be leveraged across all of your marketing channels. Once you've integrated your store, you can request and review models, and add them directly to your product page, marketing channels, and more.

levAR supports every stage of the customer journey

With levAR, you get more than just 3D and AR models, you get dynamic marketing assets that can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing and sales process.

Build brand awareness

Integrate immersive AR into your email and SMS marketing as well as print advertising through QR codes, look books and catalogues.

Support product consideration and point of purchase

Empower customers to use "view in my space" tools, switch between color variants, and experience an expanded in-store catalogue—all with levAR's 3D and AR dashboard.

Increase post-purchase satisfaction and brand advocacy

AR activations help reduce returns and increase customer satisfation by providing a near-to-real-life interaction with your products and brand before, during and after delivery.

See our demo store linked below to try it for yourself!

  • Straightforward Pricing
  • No development work.
  • No complicated software or expensive contractors.

Get started today and start driving more revenue, reducing returns, all while providing an immersive and more engaging shopping experience for your customers.

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March 30, 2020
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Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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