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Easily sell prescription lenses with your eyewear products

About LensAdvizor: Prescription Lens

Increase Profit and Sales : Profit from high-value, high-margin prescription and contact lenses with your eyewear products

Save Time : Reduce sales cycle to seconds by automatically allowing customers to order their lenses directly from your product page

Tailored for Eyewear Stores : Offer customers unlimited lens choices across 5 lens types: Clear, Blue-Light-Blocking, Photochromic, Sunglasses and Polarised Sunglasses


LensAdvizor: The Easiest Way to Sell Prescription Lenses

Want to sell prescription lenses with your eyewear, but shudder at the thought of all the time spent on manually processing orders? No longer! With LensAdvizor, you can easily sell prescription lenses with your eyewear products. LensAdvizor lets your customers upload and enter their prescriptions and add lenses to your frames, just like how leading online brands do. Save time and sell more frames with a no-hassle setup and our dedicated support team.

Why LensAdvizor?

  1. LOW COST: We have a free tier that lets you try LensAdvizor risk free, so you can experiment with what works best for your flow.

  2. MORE SALES: Our tailored checkout flow makes it easy for your customers to provide their prescription and add custom lenses to their order. The faster their checkout, the less chances of an abandoned cart!

  3. EASY SETUP & CUSTOMISATION: Insall the app with one click and add lenses immediately! Enjoy full control over lens pricing, app styling and data collection.

  4. Bonus: We have curated a list of optical labs that would be happy to partner with you to fit prescription lenses into your frames! Check it out in the "Optical Lens" tab in the app.

What Lenses Can I Sell?

In a nutshell - a lot! We support 5 prescription types (Single Vision, Progressive, Reading, Non-Prescription and Frame Only) with 5 lens types (Clear, Blue-Light-Blocking, Photochromic, Non-Polarized and Polarized). Mix and match each prescription type with lens type to provide the most flexibility for you and your customer. The customer can also choose to send you their prescription in 3 ways - upload, manual entry or emailing their prescriptions to you.

GDPR Compliance

We use secure cloud servers that encrypt your customer data, rendering it accessible only by you. We believe in making it easy for you to use our app in full compliance with GDPR and other privacy and data protection laws.

Try LensAdvizor Risk-Free Today!

Email us at if you need any support - our dedicated support team is always available for you.

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September 03, 2020
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