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Instagram feed makes for a special buying experience.

About LEEEP ‑ Instagram feed

Shoppable Instagram Feeds : Improve user experience and conversions by posting your instagram feed.

Easily implemented : Display great content on your site immediately without coding.

Video commerce made easy : instagram reels and live archives can also be posted. Use videos to convey the quality of your products.


LEEEP is a UGC and video posting service.

Anyone can easily post UGC and videos on your site with no code. Turn your e-commerce site into a more valuable and understandable place for your customers.

What is LEEEP?

LEEEP is a "UGC and video posting service that improves the customer experience" that allows you to easily place Instagram posts on your Shopify site to enhance your customers' buying experience.

【Benefits of adopting LEEEP

The e-commerce market is expanding every year. People are increasingly choosing and purchasing products online. In line with this trend, the means of conveying the details and advantages of products online are becoming richer than ever before, including the use of UGC and video. LEEEP makes it easy to utilize UGC and video, which can greatly contribute to improving the customer experience and site sales.

[Introduction of key features

1) Instagram post posting function By linking your Instagram account, you can easily post posts from the linked account on the site.

(2) Video Posting Function You can upload and use not only Instagram videos, but also videos you have on hand. This can convey the quality of products in more detail and contribute to sales.

(iv) Report Analysis It is possible to check on the management screen which postings generated how many sales, how many views, etc. This allows you to see which postings generated how many sales, how many views, etc. This makes it possible to analyze what kind of posts tend to influence sales.

(3) Automation function By specifying product numbers as hashtags, it is possible to automatically link products to posts.

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June 24, 2022
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