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About Lableb Arabic Search & Filter

Powerful Search & Suggestions : Surface the product that is most relevant and guide your users to what they search for before finishing their typing.

Product Filter : Let your users sort and filter the search results by attributes such as date, price, author, location, or content type, etc..

Search Analytics : Real-time, actionable insights about your users' search habits and activity.


Lableb Smart Search & Filter

When you enter any store, you will go to the search box to enter the product name that you are searching for. You may enter the name incorrectly, or may not remember it correctly, and you will get the wrong results. Even if you entered it correctly, the results may be wrong in many cases because of the difficulty of the language. Lableb as a search helps end-users reach what they are looking for and give the companies a better user experience, high sales, and easy access to content.

How Lableb help you?

Once Lableb installs on your store, customers will have access to Lableb’s search features including:

  • Quick and relevant search results whether they have 10,000 products or millions of products, and will be able to serve millions of requests in the store.
  • Custom ranking algorithms depend on the domain of the store (Electronics, apparel, accessories, etc.) and without any additional technical requirements.
  • NLP search with typo tolerance, query understanding, and synonyms queries.
  • Autosuggest as you type, with the ability to group results in customizable categories, like brands, types, etc.
  • Enable Arabic search without having Arabic product names in your catalog.
  • Full search analytics and insights to understand users' search behavior.
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Launch date
June 15, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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