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LIVE Sell with the Kuick APP to increase your Store Sales!

About Kuick LIVE Selling APP

LIVE Video Selling : Transform LiveStream Video into Real-Time results by Selling inside your own store & inside Kuick with a LIVE Chat & Gamification Features.

Easy Product Synchronization : Easily list your Shopify products on Kuick. No more manual product uploads! And Product Details and Inventory synchronizes easily.

Seamless Order Management : Automate Your Order Management Process between Kuick and your Shopify store.


Kuick is a LIVE Selling e-Commerce APP, an interactive experience, LIVE with an instant chat, which brings a great online shopping experience to your customers' mobile phones, this is a great option for them to make purchases from the comfort of their home or wherever they are!

LIVE Shopping is not just the future, but the present! Kuick is one of the LIVE Shopping APPs available.

With the Kuick LIVE Shopping APP, your customers can do the following:

  • View LIVE Streams from you
  • Discover NEW products that you offer
  • Buy your products directly on the LIVE Stream
  • Take advantage of promotions and / or discounts on your products
  • Ask questions LIVE and interact directly with your company

Live streaming shopping is similar to what you may see in televisions where a host will promote products & viewers can watch & buy it immediately, except there is a twist to it because users can shop directly during the LIVE Stream.

Shopping inside Kuick is highly interactive. Users who tune in to shopping sessions can leave comments or ask questions, much like many other Livestreaming companies. Your company can see comments as they arrive and address them during the LIVE broadcast. And when the Viewers are ready to purchase, they just click the shopping cart in the LIVE Stream and Buy.

Buying LIVE offers authenticity that Buyers crave. There’s no video editing or Photoshopping, so buyers can trust that they’re seeing exactly what they’ll get. They watch your company use, wear or test the products you are promoting. They get to see your company as real people telling real stories about real products, which motivates them to buy.

Kuick, the LIVE Selling APP.

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July 28, 2021
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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