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About Kinfo: Reviews for Kids Stores

Real Reviews from Real Parents : Automatically collect real parents’ reviews with photos and product description. Boost your brand’s trust resolving issues before publishing

Genuine Reviews Boost Sales : Increase traffic on your product page. Boost your online shop sales by displaying strategically trustworthy reviews

Social Media Exposure : Publish product reviews to your shop’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, increase your sales and reputation with the power of social media


What is Kinfo?

Kinfo automatically collects product reviews from parents, with relevant criteria and unique content for social media. Kinfo displays reviews on your product/service page increasing traffic, building customer’s trust and boosting your e-shop’s sales.

Because parents want the best for their children, this is a very special market segment that is not very price sensitive and where a review might mean a sale making you more successful and visible.

Kinfo is an existing international community of parents who share reviews on products, places and services experienced by and with their children.

How Kinfo helps you collecting reviews

Kinfo’s international community of parents is hosted in a reviews' aggregator that invites parents from anywhere around the world to share reviews on your behalf. Kinfo collects reviews from all customers who have bought products/services from your online shop. Kinfo displays these reviews and their photos on your product's page and on your social media channels: Facebook & Instagram (coming soon). We have already collected thousands of families’ genuine and unique reviews of products, services and places that parents have recommended for their children.

We are now integrated with Shopify and we work with shops dedicated to kids and the families’ market. Once the review is collected by Kinfo on your behalf and displayed on your product page, we will also ask the customer if we can share it on our public app Kinfo (aggregator) with other parents, generating more traffic for you.

Kinfo in a nutshell

  • Automatically collects reviews from your customers by sending them an automated email requesting them to make a review once they have recieved the product/service they bought from your e-shop
  • Automatically sends reminder review emails' requests
  • Displays your customers’ reviews on your product/service page as well as next to the shopping basket (Kinfo will always ask for feedback on the most expensive product that has been bought)
  • Kinfo displays a popup message when a customer is leaving your website and abandoned their cart increasing your sales conversion rate
  • It notifies you when a new review has been created
  • Gives you the opportunity to hide a review while solving any issue with the customer who might report a problem. Once the issue is resolved, you can publish it
  • You can publish reviews on your Facebook page creating a social proof, driving even more purchases
  • It increases your product exposure by displaying reviews on the public Kinfo platform to be seen by the Kinfo international community of parents
  • Access to Exclusive Peer to Peer Community

Data Privacy:

At Kinfo we do care about customer data privacy, so please visit the privacy policy URL for more

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August 29, 2019
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