Shopify App : KerryESG Global Fulfillment

Global Order Fulfillment by KerryESG Dispatcher

Simple and Customisable Fulfillment

KerryESG Global Fulfillment App focuses only on order fulfillment data management for clients who are using KerryESG Dispatcher Fulfillment Centre. The App exports paid and unfulfilled orders to FTP in csv format, maps the shipping service to KerryESG's last mile providers, and returns the Tracking number.

Main Features:

  1. extracts your order information from your shop and puts it into a format that can be uploaded into Dispatcher FTP folder hourly
  2. checks and syncs your orders between Shopify and Dispatcher
  3. updates your shop orders with tracking information daily

Progress and additional information on these three points can be seen in the sync log in the app. Any orders that cannot be exported will also show in the Invalid Orders section of the app (if there are any invalid orders, details (missing Address/Phone numbers etc required for fulfillment) will be listed above the Sync Log).

App will fetch every hour for unshipped orders with captured payments (paid):

  1. Sync Log - where order details meet Dispatcher criteria, order csv will be generated and uploaded to Dispatcher ftp server;

  2. Invalid Orders - where order details do not meet Dispatcher criteria, order will not be included in any csv for upload to Dispatcher ftp server;

  • merchant should revise order details as needed;
  • revised orders that meet Dispatcher criteria will be picked up by app on the next run.

Dispatcher processing server will process file in the ftp server once every hour (order csv will show as Synced in the app).

App will check for dispatch information once a day and upload this to the Shopify order details


How can I find my Shopify order number in the feed? For example, the attached file is generated by the ESG Global Fulfillment app which contains an order synced with my Shopify store. However, I cannot find the Shopify order # in this feed, please advise.

  • Only the unique order LongID assigned by Shopify is available for app integration – this used in the export in the PlatformOrderId column. This long ID can be seen in the URL for each order, while your Shopify order number is usually referred to as the order short ID; the order ID are also seen in the Shopify reports.

Does the ESG Global Fulfillment app identify Shopify’s shipping service? We have set up 2 shipping options in our Shopify store: Standard and Express, if customer choose Express shipping service, does the app identify this and ship with EXPED?

  • Every shipping service that currently exists in their Shopify store (or even any new ones they subsequently add in) are read by and listed in the app for them to map against one of our shipping services.
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September 29, 2022

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