Shopify App : Kendall

Simple, advanced reporting with Cohort and LTV analysis.

About Kendall

Insights you can actually use : New customer acquisition insight (by first & last visit). New vs Repeat buyer analysis. Customer lifetime value & cohort analysis. And more

Easy as one click : One click install and no setup needed. Uncover things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Useful metrics for your growth : We've already compiled a series of important metrics you'd be curious about - ranging from campaign performances to cohort analysis.


We’re not just app developers but also Shopify merchants like you. So we intimately understand what insights you need and how to apply them to lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value.

Kendall offers these must-have features:

  • Overview Dashboard - Easily see your sales breakdown by new and returning customers. View monthly, yearly and 3 year trends.
  • Cohort Analysis - Understand how your customers purchase patterns are changing over time. Segment cohorts by time, ad campaigns and products purchased.
  • Lifetime Value Analysis - Determine how much to spend on customer acquisition by seeing how much your average new customers spend after 1 year and 2 years.
  • Merchandising Analysis - See what products are bringing in new customers. And what products are most frequently repurchased.

See for yourself if Kendall can help you grow your business! The installation process is just one-click and there is no coding required.

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Launch date
April 12, 2022

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Matej Kontros is an E-Commerce expert and app developer with over a decade of professional experience in IT.

Matej has worked for organisations of all types and sizes, including global players, startups, and agencies. He designed, developed, and maintained complex projects.

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