Shopify App : Katz Delivery Integration

Easily create shipments for Katz shipments in Israel

About Katz Delivery Integration

Easy to Use : Easily installed and ready to use, quickly integrate with Katz systems for shipments in Israel

Saves Time : Easily generate your Katz shipments directly from the order view

Link to Katz Shipments : Tracking number received via the order screen and linked to Katz shipments system

katz כץ
Katz Delivery Integration

Katz Integration

  • Easy to install
  • One-click system: Print labels, update tracking information, and notify customers with one click
  • Save time by reducing manual labor

Features of Katz Integration shipping app:

  1. Order sync – Integrating your Shopify website with Katz Integration shipments allows you to sync all the orders from your Shopify store with your Katz account.
  2. Automatic data input: No need to manually type the order information and shipping addresses. With one click a new shipment is created with all the needed information.
  3. Shipping labels: Print shipping labels straight from Shopify with one click.
  4. Order updates: Mark the order as fulfilled, update the tracking information, and email it to the customer, along with a tracking link, with one click.
  5. No technical knowledge required - You don’t need any technical know-how to connect with Katz Integration, just install it and use it.
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February 16, 2021
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