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China cross-border logistics delivery and management platform

About Joyingbox

Real-time price comparison : Real-time price comparison, real time comparison and real receipt rate of global high-quality freight capacity

Logistics solutions : Through the rules, the system dynamically matches the optimal logistics solution in real time according to the logistics data

Logistics management : Track nodes inform consumers in real time, provide active services, reduce consumer complaints, and improve store conversion rates


The core of Joyingbox's logistics platform includes functions such as fulfillment screen, order inquiry, order management, logistics management, fulfillment analysis, financial center, and store authorization.

Fulfillment big screen

  • Real-time display of the logistics status and data statistics of all orders, such as how many orders are shipped today, how many orders are signed, and how many orders are shipped domestically.

Query to place an order

  • Real-time price comparison, real time comparison and real receipt rate of global high-quality freight capacity
  • Real-time simulation calculation of freight, so that the timeliness of logistics costs is true and transparent

order management

  • The order list module can process logistics orders in various states, such as printing face sheets, canceling orders, changing logistics plans, etc.
  • The pending review module can choose which orders synchronized from the store need to be shipped and which do not need to be shipped.
  • The pending order module can print the face list and picking list, and mark whether it has been shipped.
  • The order abnormality module can handle abnormal orders during the ordering process, such as oversize, mismatch of item attributes and shipping capacity attributes, unreachable regions, etc.
  • The abnormal performance module can handle abnormal orders in different states, such as package loss, arrival to be picked up, abnormal delivery, and store order change.
  • The overtime warning module can provide real-time warning and processing for overtime orders such as delivery overtime, Internet overtime, departure overtime, dry match overtime, last dispatch overtime, and receipt overtime.

Logistics Management

  • Different and similar logistics plans can be formulated according to the product attributes, timeliness requirements, and price requirements.
  • The system intelligently routes the logistics route according to the pre-established logistics plan, so that the goods can match the optimal logistics plan.

Performance analysis

  • Real-time analysis of logistics contract performance, real-time analysis of timeliness and receipt rates according to different countries, different transport capacities, and different logistics products, to provide data support for logistics optimization decisions.

Financial Center

  • Provide recharge and reconciliation functions, you can view the details of logistics costs down to each order dimension, and can also provide settlement documents by date.

store authorization

  • Through the store authorization relationship between the joyingbox account and the store, shipments are delivered by synchronizing store orders.
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July 04, 2022

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