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Baseline: Sales Forecasting : What can your existing Shopify data tell you about your forward looking sales forecasts by day?

ShopKeeper: Anomaly Detection : Jarvis watches your store 24/7 to proactively alert you if anything out of the ordinary happens.

Insights & Analytics : Enhance the native Shopify analytics with the power of machine learning, including predicting the purchasing power of all known contacts.

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Jarvis ML helps you convert more prospects into customers, turn more customers into loyal repeat customers & earn higher margin on each transaction -- all with greater predictability. We believe world-class machine learning should be available to every company.

After talking with current Shopify merchants, we discovered some core business needs – namely around being able to forecast sales, revenue, and inventory.

We’re building a product for you – the merchant – to give you an easy and accurate way to predict the future. And further, a way to act on it.

Jarvis ML’s Shopify App provides you with immediate access to:

  • Forecasts for sales and revenue that improves daily
  • Real-time anomaly detection to highlight low performance as it begins
  • Historical insights and analytics on your sales orders

Our goal is to enable you to identify and execute the actions that lead to predictable revenue growth.

We start this process for you with our plugin directly to your Shopify instance. Jarvis ML’s end-to-end machine learning platform will ingest your Shopify data, standardize it, run it through predictive modeling, and centralize the results in a dashboard that helps you run your business.


  • You have direct access to your sales and revenue breakdown – for the future.
  • You can predict with industry-leading accuracy how your conversions will shrink or grow day by day.
  • Understand the baseline of the next 60 days of web store performance. You decide if you want to improve that baseline.
  • Validate the accuracy of the machine learning predictions with comparison periods graphs.


  • Machines never sleep, so you have business security monitoring performance all day and night.
  • When real-time sales and revenue deviate from predictions, your dashboard alerts you as it happens.
  • Get emails when things aren’t expected: whether you’re campaigns are over-performing and you can capitalize on more of that success, or if you’re sales suddenly drop and you need to correct an issue.


  • See your order volume, revenue numbers, and more in one dashboard
  • It works immediately for you – and requires no effort to build or maintain.
  • Machine learning intelligence highlights interesting moments you can dig deeper on.
  • Identify growth trends, catch days where campaigns failed, and analyze your business’s health.
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December 20, 2021
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