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By using J&T Express UAE APP, you will obtain a more simple, smoother, and faster shipment process which will allow you to order, manage and generate consignment notes faster and more efficiently using a single platform.

One-Click Fulfilment

Need to fulfill your orders to J&T Express UAE Fulfill multiple orders by batch using our one-click function.

Next Day Delivery

Bought that shirt for tomorrow's presentation Fulfill orders quickly using Shopify and enjoy next-day delivery service.

Easy Order Making

We made making orders for customers much easier. A happy customer is a returning customer.

Creating orders

Create orders more efficiently using one platform albeit single or bulk orders. No longer required to access the J&T platform to create shipment orders.

Cancel Orders

Directly cancel orders that were made all from one platform without going through the hassle of using J&T platform or contacting J&T customer service.

Manage Orders

Quickly check the orders and the details all in one interface.

Printing consignment notes

Generate tracking numbers and print consignment notes at your convenience. An unlimited amount of printing is allowed.


You will need to use your exclusive J&T Express UAE VIP customer code and password for successful integration.

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Launch date
October 03, 2022

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