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IPLoged Block Countries,IP addresses,VPNs,Spy tools, and bots

About Block SpyTools, VPN/RDP/bots

Country Blocker : Minimize Spam and Fraudulent chargeback by blocking certain countries or IP addresses from accessing your store.

VPN/RDP/Proxy Blocker : Spy tools that use VPN/RDP/Proxy automatically restrict from viewing your store's pages.

Download Visitors List : Generate a list of users who visited your site and use them to analyze your ad campaign traffic and block undesired visitors/ IP addresses.


Summary of Key Features:

  • Country Blocker - Stop any countries you want from visiting your site.
  • VPN/RDP/Proxy Blocker - Easily Block dangerous spy tools.
  • Block IP addresses - Block IP addresses you want.
  • Visitors Statistics - Download full logs of your website visitors.
  • Fully Customizable “ Block Message” message content.
  • Easy Installations - Simple and Fast Plugin Set-up.
  • No Code Required - No technical knowledge is required to prevent spies.
  • Prevent spying and scrapers from stealing your contents- Images, Videos, and Texts.
  • Works on different types of Shopify themes. Easy to use and Modify.
  • Reduced the risk of fraud, spam, and chargeback.

Country Blocker

Stop unwanted visitors from accessing your store and performing actions in it. Select countries you want to block or unblock.

VPN/RDP/Proxy Blocker

Easily block visitors that use VPN/RDP/Proxy to access your store. Prevent them ahead from making fraudulent actions.

Banned IP Address

Quickly ban IP address that is harassing your site and prevent their access immediately.

Download Visitors List

Select the download menu with a specific date range and get your logs in CSV format. The CSV document will contain IP, Timestamp, and User-Agent. You can inspect the logs and decide if there is any traffic you need to block by IP.

Fully customizable “ Block Message”

An easily customizable block message that appears when a blocked visitor tries to access the store.

Easy Installations

Super easy to install and no technical knowledge is required to activate the country blocker in your store and customize the setting of our app.

Works on different types of themes

Our app supports all Shopify stores and themes and does not modify your theme codes.

Reduced the risk of fraud, spam, and chargeback.

Allowing visitors from countries you are conducting business which helps minimize the risk of doing any fraudulent acts.

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January 05, 2021
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