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About Invoit: Elegant invoices

Customizable template : A lot of customization options. Design your invoice in less than 10 minutes.

Automatic invoice delivery : Deliver invoices to customers without wasting valuable time. We send invoices automatically without your interaction.

BULK processing : Don't waste time for downloading or sending invoices one by one.


Classic and modern templates

Choose one of five templates to impress your customers and accountants. Personalize the colors to match your brand. Build trust by sending attractive invoices.

Automated invoice delivery

Invoit lets you set up an invoice template in less than 10 minutes. Then everything is fully automated. Stop wasting time manually creating and sending invoices. Invoit automatically generates invoices after noticing an order in your store and sends it to customers at the time you specify. Do you want to send an invoice to the customers when they pay the order? Maybe when the order is fulfilled? No problem.

Two plans based on your needs.

50 or unlimited invoices per month. Depending on your business scale we prepared multiple plans to reduce your monthly costs.

Customize business legal information

Configure how your business information should look like on invoices.

BULK download

If you have a lot of orders per month, you don't have to waste your time downloading invoices one by one at the end of the month. We give you functionality that allows you to download all invoices for a specified period of time. After all, you can focus on growing your business instead of bureaucracy.

Invoice numbering pattern

Specify how invoice numbers should look like. It helps a lot if you have multiple stores. Now each Shopify store can have invoices with a different numbering series. That means no duplicated invoice numbers across multiple stores.


If you have a lot invoices and sometimes need to find a particular document then this is valuable feature. Our search engine responds very quickly – even if you have thousands of invoices. Search by invoice number, order number, invoice positions, customer data and much more.

Invoice preview

When you customize your invoice you do it live. It means you see your changes in the real time on your screen. You see how your invoice will be displayed to customers. Another important thing is you can view all invoice data without downloading it on your computer.

Delete unwanted invoices

If for some reason you don’t want to store some invoices that we generated for you, just delete them with one click. You can delete them one by one or in BULK.

Help us improve Invoit

If you like our app, but it is lack of some important features for you, contact us so we can extend our must-have list. We take your opinion into account and try making your experience with Invoit as good as possible.

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December 19, 2019

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