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Out of stock, Low stock alert for site admin

About Inventory Alert

Improve Customer Retention : Retain all your vital consumers by keeping your inventory in stock all the time and avoid losing out on potential customers.

Drive your Sales Revenue : Influence the purchasing decision of your customers and drive your sales with the consistent availability of inventory.

Customize Low Inventory Limit : Inventory Alert enables you to customize the limit of your product variant. Easily personalize and set your store's inventory limit account.


Inventory Alert is an easy to use low inventory notification app where we manage your product storage feed and notify you with an out of stock alert for every low stock product present in your store.

Our app is suitable for every Shopify store owner. By keeping a count of your product storage, our inventory management app sends you an alert beforehand your inventory is about to go out of stock. This system helps you to retain your customers and also avoids the loss of possible revenue.

You can set up your email notifier according to your products. And as soon as the selected product reaches the limit of being out of stock, Inventory Alert sends a low product storage notification to the owner for every specific product variant.

Drive Your Revenue

With inventories being exhausted, your business can suffer a loss in revenue. And our low inventory alert will help you fill in the product variants on the verge of being out of stock. This seizes your potential loss of customers and also drives your revenue.

Customize Your Low Stock Notifications

Want to personalize your email notification time? Now set up your own Inventory Alert time and receive a low stock notification convenient to your daily routine.

Multi Email Support

Now add multiple email ids to the receiver end of your Inventory Alert notification. Whether it's your sales team, vendors, or warehouse managers. By simply adding their email ids, you can now enable your team to receive all the low stock notifications simultaneously.

An All-inclusive App For Every Product Variant

Inventory Alert keeps track of each variant of your product has in store. Our app notifies you which variant of what kind of product is on the verge of being out of stock. This saves up your inventory manager's time and also eliminates the delay time caused to each product and its variants.

Forget The Stress Of Dis-organised Inventory Management

Inventory Alert enables all our users to be free from the hassle of cluttered inventory supervision. We organize your stock listing and product availability status for you. Download our app to prevent inventory mismanagement and simplify your product's supply chain management.

Set Up Your Unique Inventory Limit Yourself

Whatever the limit you feel reflects your product going out of stock soon, you can set it. Just fill in the number indicating the low inventory stock, and the rest is our job by helping you being on top of your inventory management.

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January 24, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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