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A secure way for Africa businesses to accept online payments

About IntaSend Payments

Multiple ways to get paid : We partner with Visa, MasterCard, and Mobile money to increase the chances of you getting paid and less lost revenues.

Withdraw to bank and M-Pesa : Withdraw to M-Pesa and bank account. Card payments are available for withdrawal in 2 days, M-Pesa payments are instantly available.

Built for Africa business : No complicated KYC details - just enough for compliance and business support purposes. Enjoy our fanatic support

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About IntaSend Payments

IntaSend enables merchants in Africa to accept online payments. We support all major cards - Visa and MasterCard, and other payment methods, including ACH payments (US bank to Africa transfers) and the Pay with Bitcoin option. Because of multiple ways to pay, your clients can choose what works well for them. As a result, increasing your success rate and revenue.

We provide manageable payout periods

We understand how cash flow is vital for your business. We strive to make funds available for withdrawals as soon as possible. Payments through mobile money and pay with Bitcoin are instantly available in your account. Card payments take 2-3 days to settle. Once the money is available for withdrawals, you are free to send them to a payout account of your choice. We support payouts to both bank account and mobile wallets such as M-Pesa. You are also able to send funds to other beneficiaries using our send money solution. Our business payments solutions will enable you to pay bills, suppliers, and other service providers from your IntaSend dashboard.

Multiple ways to get paid

IntaSend technology is not only robust, but we have also partnered with industry leaders like Visa, Mastercard, banks to provide multiple and convenient ways for you to get paid. As a result, we increase the chances of you getting paid and less lost revenue because of the inability of customers to pay. In addition to the traditional online payment methods, the Pay with Bitcoin option is available for clients who wish to pay in crypto-currency. We automatically converted the collected amount into US dollars to protect you from the volatility of cryptocurrency prices. We solve the problem of liquidity that is common with crypto payments so that you get to focus on your business.

For local payments, in addition to card payments, M-Pesa payments and STK push are also available. ACH (bank transfers) support is available for clients in the US. Charges for ACH transactions are the same as for cards payments and arrive in 2-3 days. With IntaSend, you integrate one API, and your business gets multiple ways to get paid. As a result, you save thousands of dollars in development and time needed to integrate with every provider separately.

Built for Africa businesses

We understand the nature of Africa businesses and the compliance and regulations requirements. To open an IntaSend account, we'll request your KYC documents and a friendly interview for us to meet you and understand your payment needs.

We have built the platform from the ground up to serve the Africa business. Therefore we will only ask for feasible requirements to join. No complicated KYC details - just enough for compliance and business support purposes.

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January 21, 2022
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