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Product recommendations where buyers want them. In Collection.

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Sell More via Better Discovery : Drive extra sales from every Collection page. Inline increases product discovery, engagement, conversion, sales and customer satisfaction.

Buyer Optimized Shopping : Product recommendations without loading a single product page. Delight & engage shoppers with a seamless mobile focused shopping experience.

Reduce Time to Sell : Streamline & shorten the shopping journey. Inline leads shoppers to the products they love in less clicks, less time with less abandonments.


What is Inline?

Inline fixes the problem that EVERY product recommendation app suffers from ... only a tiny proportion of shoppers scroll down far enough to see product recommendations. The vast majority of shoppers do NOT see the recommendations that help convert them into BUYERS.

Inline fixes that by displaying AI-driven Related Product Recommendations on any Collection page. And it's built specifically for Shopify retailers of all sizes.

Skyrocket your product discovery

Now, shoppers don't have to load and scroll individual product pages to see the most appealing products. Shoppers are immediately presented with the products that are most relevant to them in a slick, new seamless shopping experience.

Less clicks, less page loads and less abandonments.

Shoppers gain easy, quick access to the highest-quality related product recommendations without leaving the Collection. No need to load another product page, generate another refresh or reload.

Why is Inline best for Increasing Conversions?

Shoppers can now discover and buy the products they love with the greatest of ease.

Shoppers want the easiest and simplest way to shop the products they love. That's why Inline works so well.

Key Benefits

  1. Increase sales, by
  2. Converting more shoppers into buyers, by
  3. Increasing shopper engagement, by
  4. Increasing discovery of the products that each shopper wants to buy


  • Reduce shopper abandonment
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Proven Recommendation Expertise

The team at Hiplee are well known for creating personalized recommendations that come with a money-back guarantee to increase sales with the Frankie app. They wanted to apply their product recommendation expertise to simplify and streamline the shopping journey. Inline is the result.

Inline makes browsing products and product discovery easier and faster, saving shopper time and creating an improved, seamless shopping experience that converts more shoppers into buyers.

Enjoy happier customers, increased conversion and more sales.

Key Features

  1. 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. 1-Click setup
  3. No code added to your theme
  4. Related Product Recommendations throughout every Collection page
  5. Highest quality-related product recommendations from Hiplee, the team behind Frankie
  6. No coding skills or HTML/CSS knowledge required
  7. Powered by the proven proprietary AI algorithms
  8. Works with new products that have no prior sales data

Streamline your Shoppers' Experience + Boost Sales

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June 22, 2021
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