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Import your sales to Tally ERP9 or Tally Prime in a click!

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Import2Tally - Tally ERP9 Sales Importer

Import your sales to Tally ERP9 in a snap!

Any business owner or accountant can use Khaata and press a few simple buttons to do a batch import of sales, credit notes, settlement receipts and commission expenses.

Khaata's Tally add-on can transfer 70 vouchers per minute into Tally, accurately. This helps you reconcile faster, file taxes asap as well as understand your profitability.

A back-of-the-envelope calculation estimates that for a business with 2000 orders per month from Amazon, a fully GST-compliant sales import will reduce approximately 2.5 weeks of manual accounting labor.

If you are a founder, your bookkeepers will thank you! And if you're the accountant for your company, move on to doing something more than just manual book-keeping!

With our app's accuracy, you can minutely check each transaction and SKU profit margin in Tally ERP9, based on which you can make a decision to:

  • Sell more of a SKU
  • File your taxes speedily and accurately
  • Price a SKU better
  • Liquidate your inventory with a minimum profit margin
  • Forecast for next batch of SKU purchases.

Who should use this?

  • Single Founders wanting to offload all financial reconciliation and GST filing and * concentrate on sales
  • Book-keepers moving from offline to online
  • Businesses with more than 1 warehouse, on FBA or Seller Flex
  • Auditors reconciling inventory and sales for GST filing
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January 17, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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