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Grow fast using powerful sales, customer and traffic insights.

About Ignyte IQ

Unified Analytics : Accelerate revenue growth with a unified view of sales, customers and ad spend. Get a daily snapshot of key metrics across your store.

Advanced Insights : Discover profitable strategies with key acquisition, retention, and customer lifetime metrics at your fingertips. Experiment faster.

Powerful Data Exploration : Easily analyze your data, slice and dice, and discover trends. No more messy spreadsheets, csv files, and manual data wrangling.

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Analytics and Automation for Modern Brands

Ignyte IQ is a mission control for your brand. Get a comprehensive and an unified view of all your metrics across sales, ad spend, acquisition, retention, and fulfillment.

Our Daily Snapshot gives an overview of your key metrics to start off your day. Aggregated from all your data integrations, our daily snapshot is a easily understood summary of your store's performance.

Effortless analytics to accelerate your growth

  • Explore your sales and ad spend data without messy spreadsheets
  • Compare time series of metrics to identify anomalies
  • Data drill downs (by products, campaigns, adgroups and more) to uncover insights.

Easily analyze SALES, identify trends and opportunities

  • Explore sales, orders, AOV across time period. Identify opportunities and gaps.
  • Track sales of individual products and identify best selling products.

Understand your CUSTOMERS and their purchasing behavior

  • Track the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer cohorts.
  • Easily analyze customer repurchase trends and improve customer lifetime value
  • Understand customer churn patterns via. customer segments based on recency and frequency of their purchase.

Monitor your AD SPEND, monitor ROAS, and optimize ads

  • Aggregate spend from your advertising platforms
  • Monitor and identify best performing campaigns.
  • Track CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs) effortlessly with your ad spend data directly integrated into the platform.

Track FULFILLMENT performance and delivery times

  • Develop customer loyalty by tracking and improving your fulfillment performance.
  • See days to fulfill an order, days to deliver an order.
  • Improve operational excellence by identifying fulfillment issues early.

Monitor your SITE TRAFFIC and optimize for conversion rates

  • Explore your site traffic by channel, campaign, and other parameters.
  • Understand sources of best traffic and optimize conversion rates
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Launch date
June 06, 2022

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