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Amplify Your Reach. All in one influencer marketing platform.

About iEndorse Influencer Marketing

Make More Sales : Place your brand in front of influencer's engaged followers. Reach new audience and generate sales

Hire Influencers at Scale : Access our large influencer network. Gain immediate access to easily engage and activate influencer relationships at scale.

Order Based Payouts : Only pay influencers when you make a sale. Know the conversion source at the order level & which influencer got how many results.


Amplify Your Influencer Strategy

iEndorse is an Influencer Marketing Platform. It is a simple yet effective program created to help you gain access to influencers in your niche. Generate more sales by putting your brand in front of influencer's engaged audience.

How We Stand Out?

  1. Only pay influencers when you get a sale.
  2. Self-service platform. No need for cumbersome follow-ups with influencers.
  3. Automatically track sales from each of the influencers. Get detailed reports at order levels.
  4. Revive old influencer partnerships without the hassle. We'll make your old, ongoing & upcoming influencer engagements evergreen.
  5. Who better to promote your brand than your own customers? Hire potential influencers from your existing customers.


  1. Automatically convert your customers to influencer brand ambassadors.
  2. Get details on performances including visits, orders & commissions.
  3. Effectively manage influencers by viewing all the active promoters of your brand.
  4. Review every conversion & only pay when you are sure.
  5. Create a single influencer program & easily set commission rate.
  6. Empower influencers with automatic discounts for visitors/customers using affiliate links.
  7. Dedicated platform for each influencer to monitor their performance.

How It works?

At iEndorse, we believe in making your influencer engagements long lasting. Rather than hiring influencers for one-off posts or shout outs, we believe that influencers are a partner in your brand's success.

  1. iEndorse provides a unique link to all its influencers. This link serves as a showcase for all of the influencer's favorite brands.
  2. Influencers pick up brands they believe in & wish to promote.
  3. Influencers now act as partners and are incentivized to promote your service on various channels.
  4. Influencers get you sales by promoting your brand in front of their engaged audience.
  5. iEndorse tracks all completed referral orders, influencers are paid commissions based on performance.
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December 22, 2021
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