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About i=Change

Give back from every sale : i=Change makes it simple to give back from with every sale. Surprise & delight customers after checkout. They get to choose where it goes!

Track the impact in real-time : Customers can 'track their impact', to see in real-time how much their purchase has helped raise - and its impact with full transparency.

Drive engagement & conversions : Increase engagement & conversions. Build messages of giving into your customer journey. Discount less with impact-led campaigns.


i=Change makes it simple and powerful to accelerate your sustainability journey, by giving back to people and planet.

How? Your i=Change platform is customised to your brand and NGO project choices. Once activated, the platform will appear on your 'order confirmation' page, to become your customers final experience post-purchase.

After every sale, clearly communicate your purpose and commitment to creating change. The donation is yours. Your customers get to choose where it goes. They can also 'track their impact' to see in real-time how much their purchase has helped raise and its impact via your 'live giving page'.

i=Change is partnered with vetted NGOs focused on women and girls' empowerment, and environmental NGOs working to mitigate climate change.

Today more than ever, consumers want to buy from brands with a purpose beyond product - committed to being a force for good.

Once live:

  • add giving messages across your customer journey. Merchants see this drive engagement and reduce abandon-cart.
  • run 'double donation campaigns' without discounting, which drive conversions and can deliver a significant ROI.
  • feature your purpose across channels to meaningfully differentiate with a simple yet powerful message; 'we give back from every sale'.

  • i=Change forwards 100% of donations, manages all NGO partnerships, tech and donation admin.

  • i=Change is a B-Corp certified social enterprise.

The process to activate your i=Change platform:

  • once you install the i=Change App, you will be asked to complete an onboarding form, which takes about 15 minutes.
  • we can then build your i=Change platform and live giving page to your branding. We also manage approvals with the NGOs directly, based on the 3 projects you wish to support.
  • you will be notified once approvals are received. (This can take up to 5 business days).
  • your i=Change platform will then be activated, and become your customer's final experience post purchase.
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September 30, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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