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Tinder for Product Analytics

About Hype the Like

Easily Install the Widget. : The product photography you already have stored in Shopify syncs to the widget. It's three clicks before you start getting ratings.

Rank your products. : Scan for duds and sift through products for your bestseller. What products do your customers demand? Uncover your best and isolate the worst

Show it before you stock it. : Try photos before you buy. Got a candidate photo? Show it & learn from it. Use Hype the Like to skip items that won't sell.


Tinder for Product Analytics

Show your products to your users & collect their ratings with Hype the Like. Fun for them. Powerful feedback for you. Free to install.

Zero fuss to install

The widget is zero fuss to install and integrate. It's just one click to enable a widget on any webpage on a Shopify store. No messing around with HTML. Once it's up, you start collecting data immediately!

What do customers demand?

Reveal their your customer's underlying like rate with Hype the Like. Uncover your niche goods while isolating the flops. We'll provide simple product listings with like rates to make this analysis easy for you.

Zero-risk product exploration

Got a candidate product photo? Show it & learn from it. Use Hype the Like to get feedback on your products from your clients -- before stocking it.

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April 30, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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