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Automatically hide sold-out and publish in-stock products

About AutoHider: Sold Out Products

Auto hide/show products : Automatically hide the sold out products and show products when back in stock

Instant low stock notification : Instant send low stock alert message to store owner when products quantity going to low

Single click install : Install the app and configure the settings quickly, manage low stock notifications

AutoHider: Sold Out Products

AutoHider: Sold Out Products app helps to hide all out-of-stock products from the store. Improves the visibility of the store in the search for stock products for customers by eliminating all the sold-out products.

You can easily hide out-of-stock items in your store and stop your customers' frustration since visitors to your store do not want to see out-of-stock items, the AutoHider: Sold Out Products app automatically hides out-of-stock items in your store and notifies the Store Owner over-exhausted products.

The owner of the store will never lose his sales. Customers will not be happy as long as they can not buy products in the store. The AutoHider: Sold Out Products app is very useful for a large number of products. You can easily manage exhausted products within the app.

Auto Hide/Show Example:-

When a product goes out of stock, our app will hide the product from your store and send a notification email to the merchant. When a product is back in stock, our app will automatically show the product in the store.

Low Stock Notification:-

Never lose your sales and the valuable customer when your products run out of stock, as a store owner, you must ensure you do not lose your customers simply because you do not realize that an item is going to out of stock, the AutoHider: Sold Out Products app helps merchants to automate alerts for low-stock product variants.

Low Stock Notification Example:-

When a product variant remains low, our app will send an email notification to the merchant.


  • Select app status
  • Manually scan sold-out products
  • When a product goes to out of stock(Hide product, Delete product, Do nothing)
  • When a product goes to back in stock(Show products, Do nothing)
  • Send email notifications when products sold-out
  • Enter notification emails
  • Advanced settings
  • Exclude tagged products from hiding & show settings
  • Low stock alert notifications status
  • Send a notification email when product quantity low
  • Show all sold-out products in your store in one click


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July 19, 2019
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