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Make your hero banner load fast and don't let your users wait!

About Pixboost Hero Banner

Fast Load : Loads hero banner in milliseconds, so your users won't wait or leave your store.

SEO & Accessibility : Making sure that text is using right headings and Google will recognise them. Ensures your banner is friendly for users with disabilities.

Animations : Includes lightweight animations that will bring additional attention and won't impact the performance.


Pixboost Hero Banner - let your banner be the hero

Pixboost Hero Banner will add a "Hero Banner" section to your store, so you could create a unique experience for your visitors and won't need to worry about performance!

Why use Pixboost Hero Banner? * Performance - make sure that your visitors don't wait. Pixboost Image CDN optimises your images and makes them lighter.

  • Accessibility - everyone will feel welcome on your store. We are testing our app with special tools, like screen readers, to make it accessible.

  • User Experience - make your hero banner distinguishable without performance impact. We included lightweight animations, fonts and colours customisations so that you will be able to implement your vision.

  • SEO - search engines will understand your message. We use the proper headings and markup so that search engines won't be confused.

  • Responsiveness - every device will get the best image variant. We use a comprehensive list of devices and optimise size and quality of the image for every screen size.

What you'll get

  • Pixboost Image CDN that provides more than 100 edge locations all over the World and using latest tech under the hood to make your image more performant.
  • Hero banner that seamlessly integrates with your theme.
  • Lightweight animations to bring the attention of your customers.
  • Customisable layout, size, fonts and content of your hero banner.
  • SEO friendly hero banner that is using right headings and alt text in images.
  • Users can see text instantly before an image is loaded.
  • Accessible hero banner.
  • No Javascript required.
  • Inlined CSS only loads features that you configured.

Why are we doing that

At Pixboost we think that the Internet can be a better place if we make it faster, more performant and inclusive. In the last decade, we've got quite a few innovations such as faster networks (4G and 5G), mobile devices received CPU updates and yet websites load time still goes up! Here is our manifesto:

  • Performance is the crucial part of User-Centred Design
  • In most cases making websites load faster should not compromise, but help creativity, design thinking and new ideas
  • Making web application more performant would allow people to keep their devices longer therefore will help our environment
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Launch date
July 14, 2020
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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