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Gain repeat customers with a customizable "Thank you" page!

About Happy Checkout

Get new followers : Use your "Thank You" page to connect to customers with Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook integrations.

Connect with buyers : Personalize your order confirmation with a friendly message or video for your customers.

Boost repeat orders : Turn your happy purchasers into repeat customers and loyal followers of your shop.

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Imagine you've just had a fantastic dinner at a popular new restaurant. The food was fantastic, the wine was perfect, and the server was attentive without being overbearing. It's been a beautiful evening, and you've just received the check for a wonderful meal and experience.

You feel great so far, right? Suddenly, you pay the bill and everything changes. Your water glass isn't filled again; the server keeps looking at you wondering when you're going to leave, then comes over to pick up the paid check before you've finished your conversation with your companion. No one thanks you for dining there or encourages you to return. Now all of the sudden you feel like you're being rushed out the door and the restaurant no longer cares about your experience as a customer.

This isn't the ideal close to dinner, and it can ruin what would otherwise be a top-notch experience. So why do we do this to our eCommerce customers? That's right – you created wonderful shopping experience and engaging brand, but as soon as customers pay for something, you ignore them. Thank you pages are typically generic and unengaging, yet it's the perfect time to delight customers even further.

Happy Checkout lets you leave lasting, positive impressions on your customers via Thank You pages that are engaging, invite customers to connect with your brand, and build loyalty and repeat purchases.

What does Happy Checkout do?

Create a customized thank you page so customer's leave your store on a high note. Happy Checkout lets you:

  • Create beautiful, mobile-friendly Thank you pages
  • Thank customers with a message from your store, or embed a personal video from your team
  • Embed Instagram widgets to show off your photos
  • Encourage customers to like you on Facebook, or follow you on Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Let customers tweet about purchases or pin what they've bought on Pinterest
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel for the whole checkout process
  • Keep any thank you page scripts you've created, like Google Analytics conversion tracking
  • Enjoy top-notch support and customer service from the ShopStorm team

Go deeper by customizing the HTML and CSS:

  • Embed HTML elements like mailing list signups, survey links, or prompts to read your blog
  • Add custom javascript to the "General" module
  • Customize your thank you page CSS and styles to reflect your unique brand (you can even use an entirely custom stylesheet!)

You've already done the hard part and convinced customers to order from you. Now they're primed to hear more from you and engage with your brand, so don't waste that opportunity! Use Happy Checkout to ensure that this opportunity doesn't slip by.

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March 19, 2012
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