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About Guest Writer: Managing Authors

Give Authors The Credit : Authors are important to properly give attribution for their writing on your site, especially if they are an expert or influencer.

Restrict Permissions : Keep your transactions, product pages and operation details safe. Guestwriter keeps authors separate and only allows for access to the blog.

Don’t Waste a Staff Account : With a limited number of staff accounts, don’t lose an account for someone who is writing for your store but not participating in operation.


Increase the Content on Your Shopify Store with Guest Contributors

Improve customer understanding of your products by having additional articles explaining details in depth, comparing with other products and giving specific examples. This style of writing has proven to be a huge industry with product reviews, and having that same type of content on your own site can boost conversions.

Keep Writers only in the Blog

Writing on your site can be limited to blog access only with Guest Writer. The day-to-day operations and admin of your Shopify store is safe with your staff and you don’t need to use a precious staff account to accommodate a writer who is only adding blog posts. This makes life much easier for the writers, being in an environment that they are more comfortable with, and gives you peace of mind that the sensitive information is not accessible.

Unlimited Authors

Having multiple opinions of your products and reviews of how your products work is proven to help customers relate to your products and be more likely to buy. We didn’t put a limit on the number of authors you can add since many might only write once and you want to keep new articles going up on your site regularly. Working with casual contributors, regular guest authors, influencers or partners can mean a great deal to customers. Don’t feel limited by the number of authors you can have.

Support is Always Available

We’re also store owners and we understand how frustrating it can be when support isn’t available. That’s why we have a dedicated support team - let us know how we can help. We’re here to support your business.

Key Features

  • Fast CDN-based performance.
  • Auto styling to match your theme
  • Separate Dashboard for content
  • Concierge setup

Why We Built About Guest Writer: Managing Authors and Contributors

One of the biggest impacts we have seen with our own E-Commerce stores and those of our clients has been the addition and commitment to additional content. Sometimes this is a customized landing page, but most often is a well written blog post that adds more details about the products you sell, your values as a company or a new feature that has been added. Having a lead-nurture sequence is key for many businesses, however, its not as common in the online shopping world because so much focus is on content for your product pages. While that is a top priority, many of your customers are looking for more - especially if you’re a new store or brand. Each of the writers needs to do just that - write. Let them write without interfering with day-to-day operations.

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December 22, 2021
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