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Acquire More Customers and Repeat Purchases

About Groupshop

Increase Order Value : Groupshop customers can order many items per checkout, increasing your order value and revenue for each customer.

Empower Your Community : Reward your loyal customers with personalized storefronts they can shop from or share with friends to unlock rewards.

Decrease Acquisition Costs : Supercharge your referral & influencer efforts with Groupshop stores that convert and are optimized to be shared on social.


Acquire More Customers and Repeat Purchases with Groupshop

You've done the hard work of building a brand and products people love.

Now it's time to capitalize and turn your customers into partners.

How it Works

We create personalized stores with your products for customers and influencers. They can shop from or share their store with friends and followers to unlock rewards.

Think of it like a referral link or discount code on steroids, but with a curation + gamification element. Sharing is meant to be social, not just transactional.

How You Win

  • Customers shop from their own Groupshop store, increasing order value and repeat purchase rate

  • Customers share their Groupshop store, acquiring a new customer for you cheaper than ads

  • Influencers curate their favorite products from your brand and share it with their following, increasing brand awareness, conversion rate, and revenue

  • Leverage a rich data set on your most active brand advocates to further engage and amplify your community building efforts

  • 5-minute app setup, no active maintenance

App Onboarding

Activate Groupshop in less than 5 minutes, no technical support needed

  1. Download the app
  2. Create your first Groupshop campaign by adding eligible products and setting customer rewards
  3. Promote Groupshop through your Thank You Page, email or SMS.
  4. Click Get Started and your campaign is live!

How Do I Reward My Customers?

Reward your customers through exclusive cashback and discounts.

Set rewards based on your margins, desired ROI, or goals for the campaign. Our artificial intelligence rewards engine ensures you always win.

There are no manual efforts on your end. Cashback is automatically refunded to the original purchase while discounts are automatically applied to Groupshop purchases.


  • No Friction - Your customers can activate their Groupshop store in one click. It's the fastest and best way to turn your customer into a partner.

  • Made for Sharing - Optimized for your brand to be shared across text, social media and more.

  • Product Discovery - You have full control over which products are eligible to be shopped from Groupshop stores.

  • Influencer Campaign - Create hyper-relevant landing pages for your influencers in two clicks.

  • Web & Mobile-Optimized - Groupshop works whatever device your customers are shopping from.

  • Fully Automated - No manual or administration work, simply activate Groupshop and let the campaign do its thing.

  • Retargeting - Connect your pixels to retarget traffic from your Groupshop stores.

  • Admin Dashboard - Access a rich data set on your most viral products and your most active brand advocates.

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December 14, 2020
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