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Customers Group Buy with Friends to Drive Sales & Acquisitions

About Group Buy ‑ Social E‑commerce

Start Group Buy in 30 seconds! : Supercharge your store with the power of group buying in seconds! Start a group buy offer on any product easily with a clear & simple form

Get Word of Mouth & Virality : Take advantage of this worldwide proven social e-commerce feature to increase customer growth and achieve high organic network effects

Real-time Performance Tracking : Track the performance of each product having group buy offer. Have complete control over order fulfilment of incomplete groups


Power of social e-commerce for your shop

Group Buy brings the most acclaimed & universally proven social e-commerce feature to your shop. Now in a jiffy, enable customers to buy products together with their friends & family, driving overall orders & customer growth efficiently.

Why Group Buy?

  1. Better than traditional e-commerce marketing

    Traditional e-commerce has relied on marketing to each shopper individually to get sales & growth. This leads to higher acquisition & advertising costs for businesses. With the increasing adoption of social media and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, every user has the potential to become a promoter, create awareness, and influence other people in their social network.

  2. Customers bring more customers

    Group Buy steers customers to share the group-buy deal in their network to get the discounted price. Such organic invite & product recommendation coming from a friend or family member makes people join in the deal quickly.


- Makes shopping a fun social experience for your shoppers

Group buying products online replicates the established offline shopping behavior of people buying things together with their friends & family in stores. Discussing a product on apps like WhatsApp before buying brings a pleasant social angle to online shopping.

- Brings customer trust & store validation

A user knows best about which of their friends are likely to join them for a given store & product based on their interest. For a friend, a direct message personally inviting them & sharing the deal goes a long way in building immediate trust & validation for the product and also the store.

Key Features

  1. Start group buying in 30 seconds

    Get a group buy deal running on any product quickly with a clear & simple form

  2. Customize Deal

    Have complete control on what you offer:

    • Allow between 2 - 6 friends to participate in group buying
    • Set discount amount for the deal - percentage or absolute
    • Adjust duration available for group buy deal
  3. Personalized Group Deal Page

    Every group deal started by a customer gets a landing page with information on people in the deal and the time left for others to join it

  4. Track & Control

    Get performance tracking at the overall level and at each product level. Get complete control over the fulfillment of incomplete group deals

  5. Easy sharing

    One-click WhatsApp sharing to let customers personally invite friends & family to the voucher. Sharing to other social networks is also available

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September 09, 2020
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