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About ShopCarbonNeutral

Climate Action : With our app you empower your customers to take responsibility and action to fight climate change

Reliable and Transparent : When you use our app you choose for ease of use and transparency

Partnership : Fighting climate change is about building partnerships.


The ShopCarbonNeutral App is developed by Greenwizz. Greenwizz fights climate change by enabling every company and individual to contribute. We develop tools to make this happen. Central to everything we do is a strong belief in the power of data. Providing real information about the carbon footprint of purchases and activities, not just a number, so we all develop a “carbon awareness”.

Our solution ShopCarbonNeutral is a clever and easy to use end2end carbon footprint calculation and compensation solution for eCommerce companies. It provides customers with reliable insights about the carbon footprint of their purchase integrated in the normal online shopping process. It is built and designed to cause no disruption to the check-out but adds a valuable experience increasing awareness of environmental impact with your consumers. The ShopCarbonNeutral app is the only app that calculates the impact of each product in real-time based on an extensive carbon footprint database and with AI. Customers are informed about the carbon footprint of their purchase and can choose to offset these carbon emissions. They do so by simply checking the ShopCarbonNeutral opt-in and the amount needed to compensate the footprint will automatically be added to their cart. The offset fee usually amounts to a few % of the total payable amount, of course depending on what is bought. The paid fees are invested in accredited CO2 emissions reduction projects with social impact through FairClimateFund. These projects have a proven and known impact on CO2 emissions.

Key features:

Provide your customers with reliable information about the carbon emissions of their purchase and a transparent way of offsetting. * Have insights on the environmental impact you and your customers have by using ShopCarbonNeutral as part of check-out flow through your personal dashboard. * Make use of our powerful Carbon Footprint database to provide your customers with real insights * Empower your customers to take responsibility and action to stop climate change by investing in projects that really contribute. Join our mission to build a carbon neutral society and a sustainable world.

Key benefits * Make your sustainability strategy come to live and do so together with your customers. * Give real information about the carbon footprint of purchases not just ask for a random offset fee. By doing so you really empower people to make sustainable choices. * With our knowledge on product carbon footprint continuously growing we will be able to provide you with increasing ability to give you customers real climate friendly choices within your product portfolio.

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December 07, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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Alcohol & Beverages

[2021/08/30 09:00:00]

Bottle of red wine: 1.7 kg co2-eq Bottle of Champagne: 2.24 kg co2-eq Canned beer: 0.


[2021/08/20 08:59:00]

Bananas: 0.84 kg co2/kg Avocado: 1.38 kg co2/ kg Pineapple: 0.


[2021/08/13 02:02:00]

Endodonics (Root canal procedure): 4.91 kg co2-eq Tooth scale and polish procedure: 1.41 kg co2-eq Tooth extraction x1 procedure: 2.


[2021/08/06 02:43:00]


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