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Easily implement Tiktok Pixel and support multi pixels

About GR‑TiktokMultiPixels

Make Pixel Statistics Simpler : No need to set complex statistics code, just a few clicks, you can easily implement Tiktok Pixel event statistics.

A product support multi-pixels : Single product can support bind multi-pixels, and easily realize separate statistics of complex operations.

Auto bind statistical events : No need to set complex events on the Tiktok ads admin, create dev pixels, and easily realize automatic statistical events.


Function introduction

  • No need to set complex codes, you can easily implement Tiktok Pixel event statistics with a few clicks, support binding multiple products, and also support binding multiple pixels to a single product.

Why use this plugin?

  • When you use Tiktok ad serving, you always need to configure Tiktok Pixel to track user visits to your store to better optimize your advertising decisions.
  • But if you're not an IT person, you may find it tricky to place stats code, and it's inevitable to do it without error.
  • If you want to get detailed statistics more accurately and more complexly, the operation of the statistics code will directly drive people crazy.
  • At this point, let GR-TiktokMultiPixels help you with the above-mentioned maddening operations in just a few clicks.

Why do I need multiple pixels for a single item?

  • If you have multiple promotion plans for a single product, in order to count event funnels for each plan, you will need multiple pixels to manage the performance of each promotion plan.
  • If your store sells all over the world, in order to better distinguish statistical events in different countries and regions, the use of multiple pixels will make it easier for you to master these data!
  • Data is inevitably infallible. Having multiple copies of data naturally guarantees multiple copies of data.

Simple tutorial

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Accept payment requests
  3. Open the plugin
  4. Enable the plugin
  5. Create a developer pixel on the Tiktok ad management platform
  6. Bind new products in the plugin background
  7. Bind the developer pixel ID to the corresponding product
  8. Save settings
  9. Browse the corresponding product page
  10. Refresh the statistics page of the corresponding pixel of the iktok advertising management platform
  11. You can see that there are new statistical events

Release Notes

  • Follow-up will be based on user feedback, the plug-in will be upgraded from time to time to meet more user needs.
  • If there is any problem in the use process, or if you have any needs, please tell us, we will give feedback in time.
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Launch date
May 18, 2022

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