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About Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

Extend Advertising Reach : Advertise your products like never before! Produce quality product feed for Google, Microsoft (Bing), Facebook (Meta), and Instagram.

Instant Syncing of Products : Automatically sync all the newly added products and updates from your Online store in under 20 mins including Price, GTIN, Brand, MPN, etc..

Smart Shopping & PMax Campaign : Create & manage Microsoft Smart Shopping Campaigns and Google Performance Max (PMax) Campaigns. Set up Tracking Tags for your store as well.

Google Merchant Center Google Ads Account FB Business Manager Microsoft Ads Google My Business Meta Business Suite


Currently, we are supporting merchants for their Various Feeding and Campaign needs via API(in Almost real-time sync) for Marketing and Sales channels as listed below;

  1. Google Shopping
  2. Buy on Google (Checkout on Google)
  3. Free Listings on Google
  4. Facebook Shop
  5. Checkout on Facebook
  6. Catalog for Campaigns on Facebook
  7. Instagram Shop
  8. Bing (Microsoft Ads) Shopping
  9. Local Inventory Ads on Google


Remember, “quality of product data is the king” when it comes to beating the competition. App Supports the Highest number of attributes for almost all the Marketing and Sales channels it supports. The app supports even Category-Specific Attributes of the Facebook Enhanced Catalog.

Maximise Feed Optimisation with Minimum Efforts via,

  • Robust interface and Precise filters for Bulk Edit of Attributes
  • Automated Rules to auto-optimize a lot of attributes
  • Filters of Errors to fix those errors if they are at data levels
  • Automated Discounts
  • Google-calculated Delivery Speed Estimates

Multi-Country, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency

Using Shopify Markets setup, submit feeds for Additional Target Markets using their native languages, local currencies, and Top-level Domains (TLDs) to create market-specific buying experiences (localization). The store needs to comply with International Domains criteria.

Keyword Injector

You can customize, Product Title, Description, and Product Type values to optimize your feed beyond the standard values you use in your Store.

Promotions Feed

Now you can create a Promotions Feed within App for both, Specific and All Products. You can assign Promotions to Specific Products using Robust Filtering and Bulk Edit feature of the App.

Dynamic Remarketing Tagging and Conversion Tracking

With just a few clicks, all the Google Ads (Global Site tag), Facebook Ads (Facebook Pixel), and Bing Ads (Bing UET Tag) tracking tags can be added with pinpoint accuracy.


We have built a very easy-to-follow process of creating & managing campaigns within a few clicks. Currently, App supports Performance Max (PMax) Campaign for Google & Smart Shopping Campaign for Microsoft. We will soon have Campaign support for FB.

Knowledgeable Support Team

Our experienced professionals provide reliable, quick, and quality assistance when it comes to advertising your store on Google, FB, and Microsoft.

Seamless Migration

A Smoother migration from any other app and platform to our Shopify app. Ask us for any help if you are migrating from Google channel, Facebook channel, or other apps. You won't lose historical product-level performance data since the app supports SKU as Product ID format.

Simprosys itself

Simprosys is Google Premier Partner, Facebook Preferred Partner, and Microsoft Elite Agency partner.

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August 16, 2017
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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