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Frequently Bought Together : Boost sales dramatically by offering more choices of related products and frequently bought together products to the potential customers.

Product Recommendations : Boost your sales with recommended products on any pages. Recommended products by Tags, collection, vendor, handpick etc. Grow orders rapidly

Also Bought & Related Products : Deliver accurately recommended products. Take out the most related products based on personalized product recommendations and auto generated

Related Product & Also Bought by Globo

Why is it necessary to display related products on Shopify store ?

In this day and age, customers always have an inclination to follow the crowd to purchase the products which gain a massive popularity

That’s the reason why the “Related Products” app becomes one of the necessary tools for every Shopify store. By giving smart recommended products as well as frequently bought products list, the shop revenues will be considerably increased.

This app has the super user-friendly interface as well as simplest configuration steps. And most importantly, no technical expertise required. Additionally, it is also compatible with all Shopify themes.

How does recommended products work?

On the basis of our Globo Related Products | Also Bought app, admin can utilize a suitable logic to take out recommended items to display in the widgets such as:

  • New arrivals
  • Top-selling products
  • Recently viewed items
  • Recently purchased products
  • Products from selected collections
  • Products from selected product types
  • Products from selected product vendors
  • Products from selected product tags

Another impressive feature that Personalized Recommendations by Globo provides is freely choosing locations to display the recommended widgets. Admin can place widgets on the top or bottom of these below pages:

  • Homepage
  • Collection page
  • Search page
  • Product detail page
  • Cart page
  • Anywhere by shortcode: admin can show the personalized recommendations widgets in any Shopify targeted areas by using auto-generated shortcodes.

Related products by Relevant conditions

The related products app selects the most relevant product recommendations based on the condition list such as:

  • Manual: Set recommended items for each product manually.
  • Bought together: Automatically analyze the store’s order information to give out the frequently also bought products list.
  • Same collection - Show related products in the same collection
  • Same product type - Show related products in the same product type
  • Same product tags - Show related products in the same product tag
  • And much more! Admin can set the priority order of those conditions for related products

Frequently Bought Together.

The app automatically analyze the store’s order information to give out the frequently bought together products list.

Responsive and highly customizable design for related products

The app provides 3 ready-made templates which have already been fully responsive with all devices. Furthermore, admin can have a wider choice of customizing all 3 templates with additional styles.

Automatic discount in related products

You can offer automatic discount for your customer if they add related products to cart.

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November 17, 2018
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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