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The powerful gifting tool to increase sales.

About Giftagram

Send gifts with no address : Customers can gift instantly by email, enabling the recipient to choose their preferred delivery address, increasing conversion & sales

Last minute gifting : With Giftagram’s instant gift notification, customers can shop last minute up until key holidays increasing last minute sales

Reduce costly returns : Reduce costly returns due to products being the wrong colour or size allowing operations to run smoother with additional savings in shipping


How the Giftagram App works:

A customer has landed on the perfect gift. They are able to click on the “Send via Giftagram” button located on the product page to start the seamless gift giving flow.

It’s very simple - they pick the gift and enter the recipient name and email. No shipping address is needed!

The recipient will receive an email notification that they received a gift! They will enter their preferred delivery address and update the size or colour of their gift, if needed. Once the gift and shipping address has been confirmed, your store will be able to process and ship the order.

With Giftagram you Get:

  1. Customer Acquisition Growth - Target a larger customer base with a social gifting experience increasing transactions and sales.

  2. Engaged Product Browsing - The gifter spends quality time browsing through products for the perfect gift while the recipient is able to accept the gift and change size and colour allowing them to know and understand the product.

  3. Gifting Data & Insights - Have a deeper understanding and knowledge on your customers and products gifting behaviour, product preferences, occasions and more, to better target during key gifting season with tailored marketing programs.

  4. Extra Time with Gift Notification - With the gift notification, customers are able to shop until the day of the occasion by sending a gift notification eliminating bounced abandoned carts and increasing sales.

  5. Customer emotional connection - Create a positive emotional link for the gifter and recipient to your brand by making gift giving easy during any occasion. Creating a memorable experience increases brand recognition and sales.

How does Giftagram app integrate with my Shopify store?

Giftagram App integrates in the following easy steps.

  1. Download Giftagram App and follow the steps
  2. Click ‘Add App’ to install our app
  3. In Apps, you can see our Giftagram app
  4. You can Enable/ Disable Giftagram button from Settings tab
  5. Giftagram button will appear on product pages. Happy Gifting!
  6. You can view draft/confirmed orders from Orders tab

About Giftagram

Giftagram is a trusted, premium gifting service making it easy to be thoughtful with a curated selection of products on their marketplace platform. Giftagram’s goal is to bring the tradition of gift giving back, leaving you feeling joy, love and affection.

Did you know that a good portion of retail sales are gifts, however most of the sales are lost in checkout since there is no easy way to send a gift. Leveraging the success of Giftagram’s marketplace, the App allows Shopify shop owners to capitalize on gifting opportunities by enabling shoppers to send gifts instantly via email.

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May 11, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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