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Allow customers to create unique Bundles & Gift Boxes

About Easy Bundles ‑ Bundle Builder

Build Your Own Bundle : You can allow your customers to build their own bundles. By offering a bundle builder within your store, you can increase your AOV.

Offer Pre-Curated Bundles : You can offer pre-curated bundles to make the decision easier for your customer and offer items that you know pair well together.

Complete Customization : You can change the entire look and feel of the app to ensure that the bundle builder integrates well with your store.


Easy Bundles!

One app that you need to boost your Average Order Value by giving the customers the ability to pick different items and build their own bundle.

We all know Combos and Bundles are a great way for you to increase average order value and revenue for your brand.

But, every customer has a unique taste and needs. So, even if you're creating preset bundles and combos, chances are you are losing sales because the bundles don't meet the customer's criteria.

What if you could make it really easy for the customers to build their own gift box?

With Easy Bundles, you can allow your customers to choose various products, select gifting options such as gift messages, gift box, greeting card, video message as well as schedule the delivery of the products. All of this in a smooth step by step process.

With the Easy Bundles App, you get complete customisation and flexibility.

Product & Order Value Conditions

Want to make sure minimum number of products are selected? Or Want to make sure you a minimum value of products are added? Or how about limiting the number of products to an exact quantity? All of this can be done using the Conditions feature of the app.

Tiered Discounts

How about offering multiple tier discounts to nudge customers to buy more? You can set up various discount rules to do exactly that!

Branding Customization

Maybe you want to change the colors, texts, fonts of the app? We give you complete branding customization!


Want to show the box builder in multiple languages? Yes, we can do that too!

All in all, Easy Bundles is by far the most flexible app for Bundle and Gift Box Builder!

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September 15, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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