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Block Products, Variant, Page, Section, URL by Country & State

About GeoLocation: Product Blocker

Block unavailable products : Some products are not available in some countries. Block products that you are not selling or are not available in select countries.

Prevent invalid orders : Unavailable products have been blocked and customers can not place orders that are not available in their country

Save your employees time : Use the Geoip Product Blocker app to prevent the orders that you can not fulfill in specific countries.


New - Block Product By States

New - Block Product Variants

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About GeoLocation: Product Blocker

Block unavailable products/variants that are unavailable or you do not want to sell in selected countries/states. Our app allows you to create many rules to block different products/variants in different countries/states.

The GeoLocation: Product Blocker app especially block Specific Products, variants of the products, and collections, our app blocks them to a specific country and state of the country, and the app prevents showing the product to the blocked countries and fraud users of the countries.


You have some products as A, B, C, and D. and want to block B in the UK. You have to add the UK in blocked countries and select B product in the rule. Click on the Save settings to save the rule Now the B product is hidden from the UK.


  • Block products according to country & States
  • Select multiple products to block
  • Select multiple countries on each rule
  • Select multiple states on each rule
  • block products by product name
  • block collections by collection name
  • block variant by variant name
  • Lock Store URL By Country
  • Secret Link for Unlock Products
  • Disable the app at any time
  • No Coding Skill is needed

Our app allows you to create many rules to block different products/variants of the product/collections in different countries/states.

If you don't want to sell and fulfill some products in some countries. then our app helps you to block products that you are not selling or are not available in select countries, and the app prevents orders that you can not fulfill and sell in specific countries. Unavailable products are blocked by the app and blocked country customers can not place orders.

We hide/show the section on the product page that is hidden and shown if you want to show/hide different sections of the product page in different countries. also, if you don't want to show some useless sections from the product page then you can hide them in the selected country.

How do I start with the app?

Just install the app, and create rules to block products!


Any question? Need help? Our support team is here to help you every step of the way!

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September 26, 2018
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