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Avoid lost sales due to with simple inventory management.

About Gazel

Single-Button Purchase Orders : Stop wasting time trying to calculate all the product you need across channels, and let Gazel do it for you at the press of one button.

All Your Info in one location : No more wondering where a shipmen is or how many days a PO is taking. All your store's information in one location with easy to read charts

Simplified Setup : Gazel will pull all the information from your Shopify and Amazon stores in a matter of minutes. Sit back and let us get you set up.

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Simplified Inventory Management for Shopify & Amazon

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets and looking through emails, messages to find out the state of your stores’ inventory. Gazel is the inventory tool you’ve been looking for with all the features you need to get the job done without any of the complications. Designed from the ground up by a veteran amazon seller to make your life easier. Push Button, Get Purchase Order. That easy!

Purchase Order Paradise

Gazel removes of creating purchase orders. We calculate what you need for your restock period, tell you when you need to order it by to remain in stock and keep track of the current progress on it. No more guessing and looking through email.

Inventory Reinvented

Our inventory view gives you a graphic bird’s eye view of the current state of your inventory, and when you will need to start a new order. We handle multiple warehouses and forecast sales across them. No more multiple logins, combining spreadsheets and guessing.

Sales Simplified

Get a detailed view of your store’s sales and individual SKU sales with all the metrics you need to make better product and stocking decisions. Our lost sales feature lets you know how much money your supply chain delays are costing your business.

Shipments Sorted

Wonder where your shipments are? We did too! Our Shipment view lets you see the current location of all your shipments, how many days they have been in transit. We even included a unit converter to save you time for Amazon.

Supply Chain Explained

Having a deep understanding and good relationship with your supplier is critical to an ecommerce seller. Gazel builds out all the metrics on each supplier such as the average production time and whether their projections are early or late so you can make better PO decisions. All orders and products that they are working on are displayed and we even include the local time and contact button when things don’t go as planned.

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Here are just some of the features to help you get your job done faster:

  • one-click POs
  • one-click stock transfers
  • product profit metrics
  • Amazon restock limit tool
  • local supplier time
  • box builder
  • supplier analytics
  • centralized package tracking
  • Amazon shipment plan builder
  • user defined settings
  • down to earth analytics
  • automated inventory alerts
  • cross channel stock keeping
  • multiple warehouse tracking
  • supplier interface
  • user defined titles
  • CSV/XLSX export
  • inventory Sales forecasting
  • lost sales calculation
  • user defined titles
  • inventory forecast graph
  • supplier and item level MOQs
  • case Quantities
  • package unit conversion
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Launch date
October 28, 2022

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